Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photoshop 101 & 102

101 @ 1:30-3:30pm

102 @ 4-6pm
Photoshop Elements Program

Have you ever taken a class just to go home and try what you learned but cannot remember the steps- This is a class for anyone who wants to fix up their photos to maximize scrapbook pages. Learning to use templates to create awesome collages that you can then scrapbook traditionally. To create interest and maximize the amount of photos you can put on your page.
In Photoshop Basic you will get a mini workbook with all the notes and diagrams and what we are learning. You will learn how to: work with preset templates, setting up your workspace, resizing photos, adjusting resolution & color, basic editing techniques in full, quick and guided modes to maximize the quality of your pictures!, Understanding layers and how to use them understanding of how to use tools, Using shortcuts, Saving files in different formats and why and much more. You will also receive a disk with over 10 templates ready for you to use! Bring your laptop with Photoshop Elements 8 to 11 already installed.
Anyone who has taken this class in the past may repeat the class for only $10. Each Class
$35. new Students each class
Teacher: Lisa

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